“There’s no such thing as civilization. The word just means the art of living in cities.” – Last words of an unnamed Chaos Lord.

During the War of the Black Road it is said that Oberon lead the forces of Amber against the tides of deemon and Chaosian. It was Cornus that turned that tide, send it reeling back into the deep. Thrown from Yigg at Avalon, it pierced shadow deeply, and when the Black Road met the shaft it crumpled like paper against a wall, erupted in flame, and like a fuse trailed off to its origin. Cornus remains there.

Cornus is a long spear. The shaft is golden and glitters in any light. Along its length are notches, gentle dips in the surface. The top of the shaft has two pylons extending upward to affix the spearhead deftly, as if gold were too cheap to touch it. The spearhead itself is a spiral structure, like a horn, it glitters but with a radiance of internal light and glory.

Known Abilities

  • The Spear is a mobile reflection of The Pattern.
  • It carries with it the Laws of Amber.
  • The Spear can be thrown through Shadow and will seek it’s target.’’
  • The wielder, if he can summon the sign of the pattern to mind, can instantly travel to Cornus


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