“Come Chaos Lord or Shadow itself, Avalon is ready.”

Rakish and with the charm that comes with, Kincade is the trusted Lord-Regent of Avalon. While the post is traditionally held by a member of the royal family, ever since the Spearfall was founded, command of the bastion at Avalon has fallen to his poor confidante. An accomplished tactician in his own right, but some suspect his inclinations are more political then he lets on. He serves Amber with his family, most notably his brother Norman, his wife Rae and his son Aiden.


Most would peg him for average height and average build but the truth is he is above average in most respects. This unassuming obfuscation is said to be a trick of his subtly. Never properly stanced, nor seated. His facial hair while ever present, changes style regularly, and the same can be said for the current dye to his hair. His appearance changes so often that descriptions of him often fall short of the mark. If not for the tell tell jagged scar across the left side of his neck, the word nondescript would be apt.


Despite all of the shiftiness of his appearance the man is nothing is not a straight shooter. Face value is exactly what he is worth. There is a silent strength in his voice, but his voice is anything but. He wears loyalty and duty like badges of honor on his cloak.


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