Oberon Barimen

“I am Oberon. I am Amber. Forever Amber.”

Oberon Barimen is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in Shadow itself. His origins lie shrouded in mystery, and his actions seem larger than life. It is said in the Book of the Unicorn that in the time before the Pattern, Oberon waged a war against the wicked children of the Serpent, who danced about its coils in the Courts of Chaos. In this war, he struck down their king, leaving them broken and weak. Victorious, Oberon walked for ten thousand days, accompanied only by the wizards Dworkin, until he came to a great hill. There, he planted his walking stick, Ygg, and called it to life. “Here,” he declared, “begins my kingdom. Here ends Chaos. By my blood, by the Unicorn, by my will, it is done.”

The rest, as they say, is history.


Oberon is tall and broad shouldered, projecting a very presence of power. His hair is brown and straight, cut just above the nape of the neck. A thick but trimmed beard covers his face, and his hair has just begun to gray in the temples and along the chin. He wears fashions that suit his position as the King of Amber, but are timeless in style. He favors greens, and often wears the sword of the kingdom on his hip, even during peacetime. His personal symbol is that of Amber, a unicorn sable, rampant on a field of vert.


Oberon is regal in all things. The kingdom comes first, and he spends most of his time handling matters of kingly concerns. As such, he is at best an absentee father. Getting his attention is rarely a good thing, as he will only spare time for his children when absolutely necessary, or when he’s feeling strangely benevolent. When he does, he is patient but distracted, and when he decides that enough time has spent, he departs without a second thought. On the rare occassion that he gets angry, he acts with speed and overwhelming force. His ire can be likened unto a thunderstorm, and is just as dangerous to be around when it finally finds its target.


Oberon has had five wives as the Queens of Amber. While some rumors persist of marriages in Shadow, such as the ones that produced some of the bastard heirs, Oberon has only ever acknowledged the five Queens of Amber as his wives.

Sarah Kerrigan of Korhal: Mother of Hurrin. Marriage was annulled. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Details of Kerrigan are vague at best, but she was widely liked and regarded as a natural queen.

Faeilla of Shadow: Mother of Vivianna. Died in childbirth of Vivianna. Widely regarded as the only queen whom Oberon truly loved, the most commonly held story that she was a simple peasant woman in a Shadow where Oberon passed. They met by happenstance, and it was love at first sight. By the time Oberon brought her to Amber and made her a queen, she had already given birth to Vivianna. Oberon, and by extension the kingdom of Amber, mourned her passing for a century and a day. A shrine was erected in her honor in the Grand Temple of the Unicorn, and her grave rests in a mausoleum on the slope of Mount Kolvir.

Rowena Bethesda of Kashfa: Mother of. Oberon’s marriage to Rowena was a political move to bring Kashfa into the Golden Circle at the height of the Patternfall War. In court she was a obstinate figure, if not for the children of Oberon she might have been seen as arrogant. Her death was sudden and has to date been unsolved. Many in the Kingdom suspected murder but it was not pursued.

Shoshanna Dreyfus of Gahenna: Mother of. She was a princess of Gahenna before the marriage to Oberon, and was a firmly nonoffensive presence in court. She was pretty, friendly, and cheerful. People liked her, especially considering Rowena’s behavior. She vanished from inside her chambers mysteriously, and has never been found. Most people believe that it was the ghost of Rowena who did something horrible to her. After six years, she was given a memorial in the Grand Temple.

Cordelia Surrela of the Eastern Kingdom: Mother of Sul’garri Barimen. Similar in many ways to the Eastern Kingdom, Cordelia is trapped in the shadow of the former wives. She isn’t as terrible as Clarissa, nor as lovely as Faeilla, nor as crass as Sarah.

Oberon Barimen

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