The Golden Circle

Amber City
The largest city in Amber, which lies at the base of Mt. Kolvir and extends to the Bay of Cabra. Amber City is ruled by High King Oberon and supervised by the Mayor. The mayoral position is, in fact, merely a figurehead position that carries no real duties or authority, as most of that lies with the Church of the Unicorn. The Mayor of Amber is a position appointed by the King, and held until another is appointed by the King.

Cabra – A reference to the Bay of Cabra, which rests due east of Amber, and to the lighthouse which guards the northern mouth of the Bay.

Faeilla-Bionin – The Stairway to Tir-na Nog’th, located on a beautiful southern slope of Mt. Kolvir, past the Lighthouse of Cabra. Three steps exist in the daylight hours, while the rest appear only under the light of the moon. The stairs themselves are made of some type of white marble shot through with pink and green, and are only solid enough to walk upon during the brightest hours of the full moon The grounds of the old, abandoned summer palace, which was built during Faeilla’s lifetime, can still be made out in the wilderness.

A forest of epic size, Arden covers the regions west and north of Mt. Kolvir, and is bisected by the River Moison. The forest is warded by a group of rangers loyal to Oberon. The leader of the rangers is by appointment of the King. Though it is most often used as a punishment for his children.

Grove of the Unicorn – Grove in the Forest of Arden, where Oberon first sited the Unicorn. This is considered a holy site in the religion of Amber.

A kingdom on the far side of the Forest of Arden, and beyond the normal reach of Amber’s influence, it still nominally holds position as a Golden Circle kingdom. Ever since the war of the Black Road the city has been abandoned and the main castle is only held by a marginal garrison who’s primary mandate is to protect the Tree Ygg.

Spearfall – If Avalon is nominally a member of the Golden Circle, then Spearfall is at best an outpost. Set beyond the boarder, technically it’s closer to Chaos than Amber. it’s a shadow that boasts little more then a single bastion. The fortress is built around the Cornus, which to date is embedded in the ground, and some believe the shadow.

Both city and Shadow, Baylesport is located at the juncture of the Western Sea and the River Moison, west of Forest Arden. Ruled by House Bayle, a noble family of Amber, the Bayles are known for their wine-making. The Bayles also have a home in the country, called Arbor House. The current ruler of House Bayle is Lord Vincent Bayle. Their ambassador is Lord Rochester Bayle, his son.

A major Kingdom in the Golden Circle, Begma was one of the first Shadows to join the Golden Circle and is located directly south of Amber. It had a long standing rivalry with nearby Mordentia over a region known as Eregnor. The prime minister of Begma is a woman by the name of Nayda Ilesine, who took over after her father passed on. It is the home of Rilga Ilesine, fourth wife of Oberon. Its ambassador is Duchess Sierra Hale.

Eregnor – A Duchy located between Mordentia and Begma. A single village exists within Eregnor, called Quotidian. Though not truly a kingdom in its own rights, Oberon granted it Golden Circle status during his marriage with Rilga in order to prevent a Morden plot to claim it as their own

A Golden Circle kingdom that covers the far northern reaches of Forest Arden. Alameda is a dark, untamed, forested region that is filled with fierce wolves and the occasional wary hunter. Alameda’s major exports are wood, wood products, berries, mushrooms and ceramic materials. Alameda is still believed to be ruled by a mysterious sorcerer Derrick, though the named ruler is Lord Sebastian du Corilaine, who spends most of his time in Amber as its ambassador.

A Golden Circle kingdom located far to the east of Amber across the Eastern Sea. Solaris is a small island kingdom known for its seafood and tobacco, and for its rather formidable navy, which has historically aided Amber in times of need. Ruled by House Wayreth, its current king is Hentre Wayreth. His ambassador to the court of Amber is his only daughter, Melirosa Wayreth.

The Eastern Kingdom
This kingdom is the area of land to the northeast of Amber, further east than the Lighthouse of Cabra, on the coast of the Eastern Sea. Home to Queen Cordelia Farriere of Amber, this is a kingdom on the rise. It was consolidated under her father, King Johannse Farriere, and is currently ruled by her brother, Lyles Farriere. Its ambassador to the courts is Dame Ulyas Eriste, one of the ranking country nobles.

Isles of the Sun – A cluster of Islands located due east of the Lighthouse of Cabra, just a few miles distant from the shores of the Eastern Marches.

A Golden Circle kingdom, notable in history only in that it was there that the Moonriders were thwarted so many centuries ago. Located south of the Valley of Garnath and east of Begma, Ghenesh is currently ruled by Lady Morgana of House Cezare. Ghenesh is a temperate Shadow with abundant farmland, and so its major export is food and grain. Its ambassador to the court of Amber is Ser Jaime Lassister, a skilled swordsman and feared duelist.

A Golden Circle Shadow located northwest of Baylesport on the coast of the Western Sea. LeDorne is a rather large Shadow that encompasses a variety of temperate regions. The Shadow is ruled by Queen Maeve of House LeDorne. LeDorne’s chief exports are spices, glass, steel and porcelain. Its ambassador to Amber is Princess Ophelia LeDorne, the Queen’s eldest daughter.

A Golden Circle Shadow to the northwest of Forest Arden, due west of Alameda. A densely forested and mountainous region, Mordentia is ruled by Duke Laoric of House Thessala, a Morden noble who claimed rulership after marrying the dying leader’s only daughter. The climate in Mordentia is cooler than Amber, and the primary exports for this Shadow are stone, steel, and gemstones. Trade to and from Mordentia goes through LeDorne by way of the River Morin, which connects in LeDorne to the Western Sea at the coastal city Besancon. The capital of Mordentia is Levenbrook.

A Golden Circle Shadow occupying the northern coast of the Eastern Sea, northeast of the Eastern Marches. Sento was really little more than an extensive area of temperate grasslands populated by nomadic herdsman. The primary export of Sento is livestock, and though the majority of the populace of the Shadow live rather simple lives, the capital city of Norn d’Sark is actually very civilized. Sento is ruled by Baron Timeus of House Sento, and its’ ambassadors to Amber include Davian and Chisnum Sento, the twin sons of Baron Timeus.

A Golden Circle Shadow east of Ghenesh, on the coast of the Eastern Sea and the Dark Sea. Tulloch is only nominally a Golden Circle Shadow, as it is a rather desolate region with little to export. Tulloch is all that remains of a greater civilization, long since thrown into decline. Though the houses of Tulloch do swear fealty to Amber, they generally regard Amber as a young upstart, lacking the rich traditions of their own culture. Tulloch is ruled by a council of the heads of the various noble houses. They maintain three ambassadors to Amber.

The Golden Circle

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