Welcome to the primary internet resource for the Amber Cortex Plus (hack) game of “Amber Chonicles: All Roads End”. It is an Amethyst game, and as such, the player characters are the first generation of Amberites.

Note: I’ve never read Amber Chronicles and have played in one Amber Diceless Game. Any likeness to “All Roads Lead to Amber” game are intentional homage to the GM Dave B. and his story telling abilities.



Universal Declaration of Awesomeness
and the pursuit of LMAO

Article 1
The right to inconvenience.
The freedom to take the stairs in elevator equipped buildings
The freedom to act in opposition to comfort, pleasure, and rationality.
The right to adapt to one’s situation to maximize happiness.

Article 2
The right to do things for no reason.
The freedom to perform spontaneous acts without justifiable means or ends.
The freedom to dance, scream, joke, jump, laugh, smash, and sing at any given moment regardless of social pressure, mood, or situation.

Article 3
The right to find everything funny.
Freedom of laughter.
The freedom to laugh at disease, destruction, dissonance, disaster, especially your own.
To laugh at others without it being taken seriously.
To not take it seriously when others laugh at you.
The abolition of seriousness.
The right to embody the cosmic joke.
The eternal LMAO.

Article 4
The right to self-identity.
The freedom to declare oneself at will.
To have fluid perception of self.
To change one’s name, birthday, allegience, purpose, and life story.
Freedom to declare oneself as God, the Universe, and the Greatest Being To Ever Live
Freedom to declare oneself as insignificant, deterministic, and dead.
Freedom to declare oneself the infinite work of self-transforming weirdevolent fractal machine-elves manifesting hyperlinguistic artifacts of impossible dimension.
Freedom to change one’s species, one’s geometry, and one’s status as just having come into existence.

Article 5
The right to imagination.
The freedom to live in one’s own self-generated cosmos.
Open source reality.
Freedom to see what only you see.
To think, feel, act, and exist esoterically.
The right to dream.
The right to perception.
Freedom of significance.
Freedom to beleive anything, everything, and nothing.
To believe in a Big Bang, a Big Crunch, a Big Freeze, a Big Cycle, a Big Fractal, a Big Hyperdimensional Membrane, a Big Singuarlity, a Big LMAO, a Big Creation, a Big Orgy, a Big Simulation, a Big Paradox, a Big Nothing
The freedom to believe you have these freedoms
The freedom to believe you don’t.
To believe the world is made of language.
To believe the world is made of ice cream.
To believe all beliefs are valid.
To believe no beliefs are valid.
To not believe in belief.
Freedom to perceive the world at will.
To see the world as a giant cereal bowl.
To perceive geometric tesselations of infinitely fractaling subjective self universes.
To perceive infinite time.
To perceive time as illusion.
To believe you’re at the end of your life reliving this moment in a memory.
To believe you’re a time traveler hopping from mind to mind.
To believe in matrices within matrices

Article 6
The right to share
The right to be copied
Freedom to be open source.
To reliquish ownership.
To give away ideas, information, things, favors, media, memes, personhood, DNA, anything
The freedom copy this declaration.
To edit this article.
To alter, adapt, paste, post, publish, pirate, remix, conjoin, contort, defame, vandalize, plagiarize, and parody.

Article 7
The right to augment.
To enhance one’s physical and mental abilities.
Freedom to use technology to amplify intelligence, memory, cognition, imagination, creativity, empathy, longitivity, strength, endurance, skill, sensory perception, communication, understanding, and interconnectedness.
Freedom to augment for fun, recreation, and self-exploration.
The right to take augmentation into your own hands: Meta-programming.
The right to become something beyond human: Transhuman.
To merge with machine.
To merge with a vegetable.
To merge with others in a global hypermind.
To upload consciousness into any medium.
To copy and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. and paste yourself. you meta me

// featuring Adam James Davis and Cactu on effects
// with enthusiastic introductions by Ann Le Blanc
// samples from “We’re All The Pirate Bay” by Montt Mardie
// samples from “Laughter” by Radiolab
“Universal Declaration of Awesome” by Cortexelus is licensed under a Creative Commons License

Amber: All Roads End

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