Not every being in the entirety of Shadow has the potential for shapeshifting, Pattern, Logrus, or Trump. The same cannot be said for the Power of Sorcery. While considered a cornerstone of a formal education in the Courts of Chaos, it is a common power throughout all of Shadow. Even those possessing human level aptitudes are capable of accessing the power of sorcery, though their spells are often blunt and weak compared to those woven by the masters of Pattern and Chaos. Sorcery is also far weaker compared to any of the other true Powers, and its constructs are easily overwhelmed by Pattern, Logrus, and Trump. Still, a practiced and prepared sorcerer is a deadly foe for even the most cunning Lord of Chaos or Prince of Amber.

Sorcery Powers


Similar in many ways to sorcery, conjuration is the ability to shape the stuff of Shadow into objects of Power, albeit temporary. It is an act of focusing ones will and calling forth through psychic ability a temporary object. Like sorcery, conjuration is easily dispelled via superior Powers, but such things can often be used to great efficiency while in Shadow. It requires merely a Chaos level aptitude in order to use conjuration, and has a significant restriction: any Conjured item instantly dissolves the moment it leaves the Shadow in which it was made.

Conjuration Powers

Power Words

Power words are a limited form of magic. Power words are easy to cast, instantaneous, and have no lasting effect. They’re use comes with a price, they are very taxing to invoke. Power words are unique to each individual, even if two seem to have the same effect.

Power Word Powers


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