“Are you done?”

Martinet’s job is to clean up the frequent political messes of Amber. His influence has stopped several wars from breaking out among the lords, and his diplomacy has ended even more conflicts. Martinet has an extremely level head, and he never flies off the handle. He has withstood the tirades of Golden Circle and Chaos without raising an eyebrow, and he always has a cunning retort. While he is not greatly powerful himself, he is feared because others know he is the voice and mouth of the one true King of Amber.

Rumor has it Oberon poached the services of Martinet from a powerful Chaos Lord.


Martinet stands as steely as he stares. He is unassuming at 5’8", but his presence is unmistakable. His spiked and feathered black hair gives him an edge of youthfulness. Though his steel blue eyes tell a story of many years. He is often clad an all black valet uniform.


He plays conversations like a game of chess. His smug confidence, bordering on arrogance, gives the impression that it’s checkmate in 2 moves. He never smiles but his lips curl in what can only be called a contemptuously happy frown on occasion. He takes his charges seriously but never over reacts. He takes pride in his patience and claims it’s his only virtue.


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