15pts / Tier

Located in the family estate, hidden deep in the depths of the castle and locked safely away, is the grand Pattern of Amber. There are two other true reflections of the Pattern, one in the undersea realm of Rebma and the other in the ghostly moonlight city of Tir-na Nog’th. Walking the Pattern is the greatest trial of your life, and also your greatest triumph. Only those of the Blood of Amber can walk it and survive, and even they are changed forever by its power.

Of all the Powers in the game, Pattern is by far the most useful and powerful. It marks you as a true descendant of Oberon. With it, one has all the power of Shadow at their disposal, if they merely take the time to master it. A true master of Pattern shifts Shadow as subtly as an engineer might adjust the degrees of heating metal to get precisely the result they wish. However, Pattern is not without its drawbacks. For one, it is hardly quick, requiring time and movement to be able to make even the slightest of changes. For another, it is as draining as it is powerful, and even the greatest of wills can be taxed beyond measure by it.

Walking the Pattern unassisted requires an Amberites mentality and fortitude, and if done while exhausted or not at an optimal state, it can and will be fatal.

Pattern Powers


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